Compilation Frame

XYLO is your leading supplier of raw wood moldings for compilation frames. Compilation
frames are designed of multiple moldings. Notations on the diagram below depict the
general anatomy of a frame and are an aid in understanding the categorical indexing of our
moldings for compilation frame design. Other notations depict molding characteristics of this
particular frame, which are also descriptive of and a cross-over into architectural moldings
from which frame making was derived.

Sight Edge – the innermost section of the frame that borders the artwork. This may be on a
liner or the rabbet molding of the frame.

Rabbet – the 90° area of the frame [shown below the sight edge] that borders the artwork.
Several moldings include a rabbet. A liner will always have a rabbet unless it is a slip, a flat
piece of molding [i.e. ID# YD-1], used to marry an existing painting to a particular frame. In
compilation frame design a liner is followed by a rabbet molding.

Leg [or side] – the Section of the frame that faces forward from the wall from the sight edge
including all components up to the top edge or rail.

Rail – the point where the top edge curves in towards other elements [most obscure].

Top Edge – the element of the frame farthest from the wall [that which is closest to the
viewer and identified as a cap].

Back [and/or Back Edge] – the element of the frame farthest removed from the artwork.

Verso – the blind section of the frame not visible when hung.

Reeding – molding having parallel strips resembling thin reeds.

Frieze – a flat panel between raised moldings, occasionally and usually adorned with a
decorative motive [or running ornament repeated on all sides of the frame].

Taenia – a narrow band – in framing it is usually raised.

Cove or Scotia – a concave molding, semicircular/ or so in profile: deeper than a channel
[Channel i.e. ID# 9-2].

Hollow – a concave section often appearing next to the back edge.

The Taenia and Frieze shown below can be constructed of two pieces of molding #YD-1; or
a combination of #YD-1 and #S24 1 ¼; or with slight alteration (ripping) #37-1. If a wider
frame is needed, #11-1 could be used as a liner and the #37-1 shown below as a liner could
be incorporated as the rabbet molding of the joined frame.